Enabling GSuite Google Groups Collection

This page describes how to enable the data collection of G Suite Google Groups for processing by Forseti Inventory.

Enable Domain-Wide Delegation in G Suite

To enable collection of G Suite Google Groups, follow the steps below to create a service account just for this functionality. Read more about domain-wide delegation.

Create a service account

Note: If you used the setup wizard to setup Forseti, it already creates a G Suite service account. You can go directly to the next section.

  1. Go to Cloud Platform Console Service Accounts and click Create service account.

  2. On the Create service account dialog that appears, set up your service account:

    • Enter a service account name.
    • Select the Enable G Suite Domain-wide Delegation checkbox.
    • If you haven’t already configured your project’s OAuth consent screen, enter a product name to display on the consent screen, then click Create. To change the product name or add details to the consent screen later, edit your OAuth consent screen settings.

      create service account window with product name field highlighted

  3. To create and download a JSON key for the service account:

    • Click More on the service account row, then click Create key. more menu with create key highlighted
    • On the Create private key dialog that appears, select JSON, then click Create.
    • In the Save File window that appears, save the file to a local directory.
  4. On the service account row, click View Client ID.

  5. On the Client ID for Service account client panel that appears, copy the Client ID value, which will be a large number.

    service account panel with client ID highlighted

Enable the service account in your G Suite admin control panel.

You must have the super admin role in admin.google.com to complete these steps:

  1. Go to your Google Admin Manage API client access Security settings.
  2. In the Client Name box, paste the Client ID you copied above.
  3. In the One or More API Scopes box, paste the following scope:
  4. Click Authorize. manage api client access in Google Admin Security settings

Configuring Forseti to enable G Suite Google Groups collection

After you create a service account above, you may need to edit the following variables in your forseti_conf.yaml.

  • domain_super_admin_email: Use of the Admin API requires delegation (impersonation). Enter an email address of a Super Admin in the GSuite account. If you entered this value in the setup wizard, you do not need to change this in your forseti_conf.yaml.
  • groups_service_account_key_file: Forseti Inventory uses this path to locate the key file which you downloaded earlier. If you deployed with the setup wizard, this value is already pre-populated for you.

If you are running Forseti on GCP and made any changes to the above values, you will need to copy the conf file to the GCS bucket. See “Move Configuration to GCS” for details on how to do this.

Deploying to GCP with G Suite Google Groups collection

If you created a deployment on GCP, run the following command to copy your G Suite key to your Forseti instance:

  gcloud compute scp local/path/to/service-account-key.json \

Note the remote destination of where you put the key on the VM instance. It should match what you specified in your forseti_conf.yaml for the groups_service_account_key_file property.