Updating a GCP Deployment

Note: If you used the Forseti setup wizard to deploy, your deploy-forseti.yaml will have a timestamp suffix, e.g. deploy-forseti-20171001000000.yaml.

Get a particular deployment template version

This step is optional.

If you need to change the release-version for your Forseti deployment, you MUST get the correct version of Forseti. The deployment template’s startup script has release-specific code, so things will break if you use a startup script that is out of sync with the deployed release.

  1. Sync master branch:

    $ git checkout master
    $ git pull
  2. Checkout the version you want to deploy. (It is NOT recommended to get a previous version.) If you want the latest release, you don’t have to do this step; master points to the latest release.

    If you want to get a specific release, e.g. Release 1.1.3:

    $ git checkout v1.1.3
  3. You will use this release version in your deploy-forseti.yaml file as follows:

    “I want to deploy master branch”:

    branch-name: "master"
    # release-version: ...

    “I want to deploy Release 1.1.3”:

    # branch-name: ...
    release-version: "1.1.3"

Change deployment properties

  1. Check deploy-forseti.yaml.sample to see if there are any new properties that you need to copy over to your previous deploy-forseti.yaml. You can use git diff to compare what changed. For example, to see the diff between the latest (HEAD) and one revision ago:

    $ git diff origin..HEAD~1 -- deploy-forseti.yaml.sample
  2. Edit deploy-forseti.yaml and update the values you want to change. If you previously deployed the master branch, you don’t need to change it.

Run the Deployment Manager update

Run the following update command:

$ gcloud deployment-manager deployments update DEPLOYMENT_NAME \
  --config path/to/deploy-forseti.yaml

If you changed the properties in the deploy-forseti.yaml “Compute Engine” section or the startup script in forseti-instance.py, you need to reset the instance for changes to take effect:

  $ gcloud compute instances reset COMPUTE_ENGINE_INSTANCE_NAME

The Compute Engine instance will restart and perform a fresh installation of Forseti, so you do not need to ssh to the instance to run all the git clone/python install commands.

Some resources can’t be updated in a deployment. If you see an error that you can’t change a certain resource, you’ll need to create a new deployment of Forseti.

Learn more about Updating a Deployment.