Terraform Input Variables

This page lists the sample variables you can use to customize your Forseti installation.

Terraform input variables

The following variables have been listed as a sample to help you identify and set any customized values. There may be other variables with customized values that will need to be set.

View the list of inputs here to see all of the available options and default values.

Name Description Type Default
composite_root_resources A list of root resources that Forseti will monitor. This supersedes the root_resource_id when set. list(string) <list>
cscc_source_id Source ID for CSCC Beta API string ""
cscc_violations_enabled Notify for CSCC violations bool "false"
excluded_resources A list of resources to exclude during the inventory phase. list(string) <list>
forseti_email_recipient Email address that receives Forseti notifications string ""
forseti_email_sender Email address that sends the Forseti notifications string ""
gsuite_admin_email G-Suite administrator email address to manage your Forseti installation string ""
inventory_email_summary_enabled Email summary for inventory enabled bool "false"
inventory_gcs_summary_enabled GCS summary for inventory enabled bool "true"
sendgrid_api_key Sendgrid.com API key to enable email notifications string ""
violations_slack_webhook Slack webhook for any violation. Will apply to all scanner violation notifiers. string ""