Running Forseti from Non-Organization Root

By default, Forseti is designed to be installed with complete organization access, and run with the organization as the root node in the resource hierarchy.

But, you also have the option to run Forseti on a subset of resources:

  1. if you are Org Admin, and you want to run Forseti on a specific folder
  2. if you are Folder Admin, and you want to run Forseti on a specific folder
  3. if you are Project Admin, and you want to run Forseti on projects that are only owned by you

Inventory, Data Model, and Scanner will be supported for use on these subset of resources, but Explain will not be supported.

How to Install

Run the Forseti Installer.

By default, the installer will try to assign org-level roles. If you are not an Org Admin, there will be errors, but you can safely disregard, as you will manually assign the correct roles later.

Configure Forseti to Run on a Folder

  1. Edit forseti_conf_server.yaml and point the root_resource_id to the target folder: folders/<foo_folder_id>.

  2. If Forseti was installed with Org Admin credentials, then the org-level roles will be inherited on the folder-level.

  3. If Foresti was not installed with Org Admin credentails, then you need to grant the Forseti server service account to have the same roles on the target folder, as was originally granted on the organization.

  4. Saving changes.
    1. Save the changes to forseti_conf_server.yaml file.
    2. Upload forseti_conf_server.yaml to GCS bucket.
  5. Use the updated configuration.
    1. SSH to the Forseti server VM.
    2. Use sudo gsutil to copy the forseti_conf_server.yaml file from GCS bucket to /home/ubuntu/forseti-security/configs/.
    3. Make the server reload the updated configuration.

Configure Forseti to Run on Projects

  1. This assumes that Forseti is not installed with Org Admin credential, and you want Forseti to run on projects that you own. If Forseti is installed with Org Admin credential, then all the resources in the organization will be returned.
  2. Leave the root_resource_id pointed to the organization that the Installer inferred from the environment.
  3. Grant project viewer role to the Forseti server service account, on the projects that you own.

When you run Forseti again, all the resources from the target root will be collected in Inventory and audited.