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# Copyright 2017 The Forseti Security Authors. All rights reserved.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.

"""Forseti Server utilities."""

import logging

# pylint: disable=protected-access

[docs]def autoclose_stream(f): """Decorator to close gRPC stream. Args: f (func): The function to decorate Returns: wrapper: wrapper of the decorator """ def wrapper(*args): """Wrapper function, checks context state to close stream. Args: *args (list): All arguments provided to the wrapped function. Yields: object: Whatever the wrapped function yields to the stream. """ def closed(context): """Returns true iff the connection is closed. Args: context (object): the connection to check Returns: bool: whether the connection is closed """ return context._state.client == 'closed' context = args[-1] for result in f(*args): yield result if closed(context): return return wrapper
[docs]def logcall(f, level=logging.CRITICAL): """Call logging decorator. Args: f (func): The function to decorate level (str): the level of logging Returns: wrapper: wrapper of the decorator """ def wrapper(*args, **kwargs): """Implements the log wrapper including parameters and result. Args: *args: All args provided to the wrapped function. **kwargs: All kwargs provided to the wrapped function. Returns: object: the f execution result """ logging.log(level, 'enter %s(%s)', f.__name__, args) result = f(*args, **kwargs) logging.log(level, 'exit %s(%s) -> %s', f.__name__, args, result) return result return wrapper
[docs]def mutual_exclusive(lock): """ Mutex decorator. Args: lock (object): The lock to lock out exclusive method Returns: object: decorator generator """ def wrap(f): """Decorator generator. Args: f (func): the function to decorate Returns: func: the decorated function """ def func(*args, **kw): """Decorated functionality, mutexing wrapped function. Args: *args: All args provided to the wrapped function **kw: All kw provided to the wrapped function Returns: object: the execution results of f """ lock.acquire() try: return f(*args, **kw) finally: lock.release() return func return wrap
[docs]def oneof(*args): """Returns true iff one of the parameters is true. Args: *args: arguments to check Returns: bool: true iff one of the parameters is true. """ return len([x for x in args if x]) == 1
[docs]def full_to_type_name(full_resource_name): """Creates a type/name format from full resource name. Args: full_resource_name (str): the full_resource_name of the resource Returns: str: type_name of that resource """ return '/'.join(full_resource_name.split('/')[-2:])
[docs]def to_full_resource_name(full_parent_name, resource_type_name): """Creates a full resource name by parent full name and type name. Args: full_parent_name (str): the full_resource_name of the parent resource_type_name (str): the full_resource_name of the child Returns: str: full_resource_name of the child """ # Strip out the fake composite root parent from the full resource name. if full_parent_name == 'composite_root/root/': return '{}/'.format(resource_type_name) return '{}{}/'.format(full_parent_name, resource_type_name)
[docs]def to_type_name(resource_type, resource_name): """Creates a type/name from type and name. Args: resource_type (str): the resource type resource_name (str): the resource name Returns: str: type_name of the resource """ return '{}/{}'.format(resource_type, resource_name)
[docs]def split_type_name(resource_type_name): """Split the type name of the resource Args: resource_type_name (str): the type_name of the resource Returns: tuples: type and name of the resource """ return resource_type_name.split('/')
[docs]def resource_to_type_name(resource): """Creates a type/name format from a resource dbo. Args: resource (object): the resource to get the the type_name Returns: str: type_name of the resource """ return resource.type_name
[docs]def get_sql_dialect(session): """Return the active SqlAlchemy dialect. Args: session (object): the session to check for SqlAlchemy dialect Returns: str: name of the SqlAlchemy dialect """ return
[docs]def get_resources_from_full_name(full_name): """Parse resource info from full name. Args: full_name (str): Full name of the resource in hierarchical format. Example of a full_name: organization/88888/project/myproject/firewall/99999/ full_name has a trailing / that needs to be removed. Yields: iterator: strings of resource_type and resource_id """ full_name_parts = full_name.split('/')[:-1] full_name_parts.reverse() resource_iter = iter(full_name_parts) for resource_id, resource_type in zip(resource_iter, resource_iter): yield resource_type, resource_id
[docs]def get_resource_id_from_type_name(type_name): """Returns the key from type_name. Args: type_name (str): Type name. Returns: str: Resource id. """ if '/' in type_name: return type_name.split('/')[-1] return type_name