This page describes how to run tests on your Forseti contributions.

Before you begin

Before you run unit tests, install Forseti by following the Developer Setup for a local installation or the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) setup for a Compute Engine installation. You will need to connect to that instance to run the unit tests.

Executing tests

Unit tests are in the top-level tests/ directory. We use unittest from standard Python to run our tests.

Before you run unit tests and pylint checkers, make sure you have Docker CE installed.

Run the following commands in the top-level directory of Forseti.

Install Forseti in a docker image:


Start the forseti container:


Run all the unit tests:


Run pylint checkers:


Executing Individual Tests

If you want to execute individual tests:

   docker -l error exec -it build /bin/bash -c "python -m unittest tests.common.util.date_time_test"

If you want to execute a subset of tests (e.g., all tests in a specific subdirectory):

   docker -l error exec -it build /bin/bash -c "python -m unittest discover -s tests/common -p '*_test.py'"

Update Code and Re-Run Test

During the Docker image setup process, the code for Forseti is copied over to Docker. This copy is static and not dynamic, so if you make changes to your local code and want to run the tests in Docker with your local changes, you need to do the following:

   # Find the Container ID for the Image "forseti/build"
   # and use it in <forseti/build_container_id> below
   docker ps
   # Copy the files from the local disk to the image
   docker cp ./ <forseti/build_container_id>:/home/forseti/forseti-security/

   # If you want to turn down the Docker container:
   docker kill <forseti/build_container_id>