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# Copyright 2017 The Forseti Security Authors. All rights reserved.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.

"""Email notifier to perform notifications"""

import tempfile

from import csv_writer
from import date_time
from import errors as util_errors
from import logger
from import parser
from import string_formats
from import email_factory
from import InvalidInputError
from import base_notification

LOGGER = logger.get_logger(__name__)

TEMP_DIR = '/tmp'

[docs]class EmailViolations(base_notification.BaseNotification): """Email notifier to perform notifications""" def __init__(self, resource, inventory_index_id, violations, global_configs, notifier_config, notification_config): """Initialization. Args: resource (str): Violation resource name. inventory_index_id (int64): Inventory index id. violations (dict): Violations. global_configs (dict): Global configurations. notifier_config (dict): Notifier configurations. notification_config (dict): notifier configurations. Raises: InvalidInputError: Raised if invalid input is encountered. """ super(EmailViolations, self).__init__(resource, inventory_index_id, violations, global_configs, notifier_config, notification_config) try: if self.notifier_config.get('email_connector'): self.connector = email_factory.EmailFactory( self.notifier_config).get_connector() # else block below is added for backward compatibility. else: self.connector = email_factory.EmailFactory( self.notification_config).get_connector() except Exception: LOGGER.exception('Error occurred to instantiate connector.') raise InvalidInputError(self.notifier_config)
[docs] def _make_attachment_csv(self): """Create the attachment object in csv format. Returns: attachment: SendGrid attachment object. """ output_filename = self._get_output_filename( string_formats.VIOLATION_CSV_FMT) with csv_writer.write_csv(resource_name='violations', data=self.violations, write_header=True) as csv_file: output_csv_name ='CSV filename: %s', output_csv_name) attachment = self.connector.create_attachment(, content_type='text/csv', filename=output_filename, content_id='Violations') return attachment
[docs] def _make_attachment_json(self): """Create the attachment object json format. Returns: attachment: SendGrid attachment object. """ output_filename = self._get_output_filename( string_formats.VIOLATION_JSON_FMT) with tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile() as tmp_violations: tmp_violations.write(parser.json_stringify(self.violations) .encode()) tmp_violations.flush()'JSON filename: %s', attachment = self.connector.create_attachment(, content_type='application/json', filename=output_filename, content_id='Violations') return attachment
[docs] def _make_content(self): """Create the email content. Returns: str: Email subject. unicode: Email template content rendered with the provided variables. """ timestamp = date_time.get_date_from_microtimestamp( self.inventory_index_id) pretty_timestamp = timestamp.strftime(string_formats.TIMESTAMP_READABLE) email_content = self.connector.render_from_template( 'notification_summary.jinja', { 'scan_date': pretty_timestamp, 'resource': self.resource, 'violation_errors': self.violations, }) email_subject = 'Forseti Violations {} - {}'.format( pretty_timestamp, self.resource) return email_subject, email_content
[docs] def _compose(self, **kwargs): """Compose the email notifier map Args: **kwargs: Arbitrary keyword arguments. Returns: dict: A map of the email with subject, content, attachemnt """ del kwargs email_map = {} if self.notifier_config.get('email_connector'): data_format = ( self.notifier_config.get('email_connector') .get('data_format', 'csv')) # else block below is added for backward compatibility. else: data_format = self.notification_config.get('data_format', 'csv') if data_format not in self.supported_data_formats: raise base_notification.InvalidDataFormatError( 'Email notifier', data_format) attachment = None if data_format == 'csv': attachment = self._make_attachment_csv() else: attachment = self._make_attachment_json() subject, content = self._make_content() email_map['subject'] = subject email_map['content'] = content email_map['attachment'] = attachment return email_map
[docs] def _send(self, **kwargs): """Send a summary email of the scan. Args: **kwargs: Arbitrary keyword arguments. subject: Email subject conetent: Email content attachment: Attachment object """ notification_map = kwargs.get('notification') subject = notification_map['subject'] content = notification_map['content'] attachment = notification_map['attachment'] if self.notifier_config.get('email_connector'): sender = ( self.notifier_config.get('email_connector').get('sender')) recipient = ( self.notifier_config.get('email_connector').get('recipient')) # else block below is added for backward compatibility. else: sender = self.notification_config['sender'] recipient = self.notification_config['recipient'] try: self.connector.send(email_sender=sender, email_recipient=recipient, email_subject=subject, email_content=content, content_type='text/html', attachment=attachment) except util_errors.EmailSendError: LOGGER.warning('Unable to send Violations email')
[docs] def run(self): """Run the email notifier""" email_notification = self._compose() if email_notification: self._send(notification=email_notification)