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# Copyright 2017 The Forseti Security Authors. All rights reserved.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.

"""Inventory API."""

# pylint: disable=broad-except

from builtins import str
from builtins import object
import datetime
from io import StringIO
from queue import Queue
import threading
import traceback

from future import standard_library
from import date_time
from import logger
from import run_crawler
from import DataAccess
from import initialize \
    as init_storage


LOGGER = logger.get_logger(__name__)

[docs]class Progress(object): """Progress state.""" def __init__(self, final_message=False, step='', inventory_index_id=''): """Initialize Args: final_message (bool): whether it is the last message step (str): which step is this progress about inventory_index_id (str): The id of the inventory index. """ self.inventory_index_id = inventory_index_id self.final_message = final_message self.step = step self.warnings = 0 self.errors = 0 self.last_warning = '' self.last_error = ''
[docs]class QueueProgresser(Progress): """Queue based progresser.""" def __init__(self, queue): """Initialize Args: queue (Queue): progress queue to storage status """ super(QueueProgresser, self).__init__() self.queue = queue
[docs] def _notify(self): """Notify status update into queue.""" self.queue.put_nowait(self)
[docs] def _notify_eof(self): """Notify end of status updates into queue.""" self.queue.put(None)
[docs] def on_new_object(self, resource): """Update the status with the new resource. Args: resource (Resource): db row of Resource """ self.step = '{}/{}'.format(resource.type(), resource.key()) self._notify()
[docs] def on_warning(self, warning): """Stores the warning and updates the counter. Args: warning (str): warning message """ self.last_warning = warning self.warnings += 1 self._notify()
[docs] def on_error(self, error): """Stores the error and updates the counter. Args: error (str): error message """ self.last_error = error self.errors += 1 self._notify()
[docs] def get_summary(self): """Indicate end of updates, and return self as last state. Returns: object: Progresser in its last state. """ self._notify() self._notify_eof() return self
[docs]class FirstMessageQueueProgresser(QueueProgresser): """Queue base progresser Only delivers first message. Then throws away all subsequent messages. This is used to make sure that we're not creating an internal buffer of infinite size as we're crawling in background without a queue consumer. """ def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): """Initialize Args: *args (list): Arguments. **kwargs (dict): Arguments. """ super(FirstMessageQueueProgresser, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs) self.first_message_sent = False
[docs] def _notify(self): if not self.first_message_sent: self.first_message_sent = True QueueProgresser._notify(self)
[docs] def _notify_eof(self): if not self.first_message_sent: self.first_message_sent = True QueueProgresser._notify_eof(self)
[docs]def run_inventory(service_config, queue, session, progresser, background): """Runs the inventory given the environment configuration. Args: service_config (object): Service configuration. queue (object): Queue to push status updates into. session (object): Database session. progresser (object): Progresser implementation to use. background (bool): whether to run the inventory in background Returns: QueueProgresser: Returns the result of the crawl. Raises: Exception: Reraises any exception. """ storage_cls = service_config.get_storage_class() engine = service_config.get_engine() with storage_cls(session, engine) as storage: try: progresser.inventory_index_id = progresser.final_message = True if background else False queue.put(progresser) result = run_crawler(storage, progresser, service_config.get_inventory_config()) except Exception as e: LOGGER.exception(e) buf = StringIO() traceback.print_exc(file=buf) message = storage.error('Inventory raised an exception: %s' % message) storage.rollback() else: storage.commit() return result
[docs]def run_import(client, model_name, inventory_index_id, background): """Runs the import against an inventory. Args: client (object): Api client to use. model_name (str): Model name to create. inventory_index_id (int64): Inventory index to source. background (bool): If the import should run in background. Returns: object: RPC response object to indicate status. """ return client.model.new_model('INVENTORY', model_name, inventory_index_id, background)
[docs]class Inventory(object): """Inventory API implementation.""" def __init__(self, config): """Initialize Args: config (ServiceConfig): ServiceConfig in server """ self.config = config self._create_lock = threading.Lock() init_storage(self.config.get_engine())
[docs] def create(self, background, model_name): """Create a new inventory, Args: background (bool): Run import in background, return immediately model_name (str): Model name to import into Yields: object: Yields status updates. """ with self._create_lock: queue = Queue() if background: progresser = FirstMessageQueueProgresser(queue) else: progresser = QueueProgresser(queue) def do_inventory(): """Run the inventory. Returns: object: inventory crawler result if no model_name specified, otherwise, model import result """ with self.config.scoped_session() as session: try: result = run_inventory( self.config, queue, session, progresser, background) if not result: LOGGER.error('Error during inventory run.') queue.put(None) return None if model_name: run_import(self.config.client(), model_name, result.inventory_index_id, background) return result.get_summary() except Exception as e: LOGGER.exception(e) queue.put(e) queue.put(None) if background: self.config.run_in_background(do_inventory) yield queue.get() else: result = self.config.run_in_background(do_inventory) for progress in iter(queue.get, None): if isinstance(progress, Exception): raise progress yield progress if result: yield result.get()
[docs] def list(self): """List stored inventory. Yields: object: Inventory metadata. """ with self.config.scoped_session() as session: for result in DataAccess.list(session): yield result
[docs] def get(self, inventory_id): """Get inventory metadata by id. Args: inventory_id (str): Id of the inventory. Returns: object: Inventory metadata. """ with self.config.scoped_session() as session: result = DataAccess.get(session, inventory_id) return result
[docs] def delete(self, inventory_id): """Delete an inventory by id. Args: inventory_id (str): Id of the inventory. Returns: object: Inventory object that was deleted. """ with self.config.scoped_session() as session: result = DataAccess.delete(session, inventory_id) return result
[docs] def purge(self, retention_days): """Purge the gcp_inventory data that's older than the retention days. Args: retention_days (string): Days of inventory tables to retain. Returns: str: Purge result. """'retention_days is: %s', retention_days) if not retention_days:'retention_days is not specified. Will use ' 'configuration default.') retention_days = ( self.config.inventory_config.retention_days) retention_days = int(retention_days) if retention_days < 0: result_message = 'Purge is disabled. Nothing will be purged.' return result_message utc_now = date_time.get_utc_now_datetime() cutoff_datetime = ( utc_now - datetime.timedelta(days=retention_days))'Cut-off datetime to start purging is: %s', cutoff_datetime) with self.config.scoped_session() as session: inventory_indexes_to_purge = ( DataAccess.get_inventory_indexes_older_than_cutoff( session, cutoff_datetime)) if not inventory_indexes_to_purge: result_message = 'No inventory to be purged.' return result_message purged_inventory_indexes = [] for inventory_index in inventory_indexes_to_purge: _ = self.delete( purged_inventory_indexes.append(str( purged_inventory_indexes_as_str = ', '.join(purged_inventory_indexes) result_message = ( 'Inventory data from these inventory indexes have ' 'been purged: {}').format(purged_inventory_indexes_as_str) return result_message