Forseti Hack Day

Google is hosting the first Forseti Security Hack Day on July 23rd. Thank you to all who registered! We have had a very positive international response from participants representing leading organizations.

Come hungry! We have a full agenda planned plus breakfast and lunch a la Google with speakers presenting on a variety of cloud security-related topics. Dive into Forseti with us and learn more about how to:

  • Keep track of your environment.
  • Monitor and understand your current Google Cloud Platform security policies.
  • Provide corrective action when problems are detected.

Spend the day with the Forseti team at Google, gain insight into what’s on the horizon, and help make our code base stronger together!

We still have openings but they won’t last long! Register for Forseti Hack Day now to attend.

Written By
Justin Jawad
Published On
24 May 2018