Forseti Security is a community-driven collection of open source tools to improve the security of your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environments.

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Forseti Security

Forseti’s core modules come with every deployment of the tool. They can be enabled, configured, and executed independently of each other. When deployed these modules work together to provide their respective features.


Takes a snapshot of resources on a recurring cadence, so you always have a history of what was in your cloud.


Helps you monitor inventoried GCP resources like Cloud IAM, BigQuery datasets, Cloud Storage bucket ACLs, and more to ensure that role-based access controls are set as you intended, by notifying you when specific policies change unexpectedly.


Keep your access policies in a known state to prevent unsafe changes.


Forseti’s core modules provide the foundation for which addons can build upon. These optional deployment modules offer their own unique capabilities.

IAM Explain

Helps you to understand, test, and develop Cloud Identity and Access Management (Cloud IAM) policies.