Forseti Community Day Presentations

At long last we’re happy to share the presentation materials from the second annual Forseti Community Day in San Francisco, held on April 12th!

Intro, Vision, and Roadmap - Ryan Ismert, Google

Customer Keynote - Ross Vandegrift, ClearDATA

Forensics Toolkit - Aaron Peterson, Google

Forseti OSS Model and Community - Marten van Wezel, Google

Tracking your Forseti Violations - Antoine Castex, Veolia

Training and Support - Marten van Wezel, Google

Intro to CAI - Sophia Yang, Google

Intro to Config Validator - Alex Sung & Joe Cheuk, Google

Using Forseti with CSCC - Rehana Devani, Google

Cloud Healthcare with Forseti - Umair Idris, Google

Forseti on GKE - Ken Evensen & Henry Chang, Google + Duncan Lyell, Accenture

Firewall Anomaly Detection - Praneet Dutta & Joe Cheuk, Google

Please reach out to us on slack or with any questions. Many thanks to our presenters and organizers!

Written By
Ryan Ismert
Published On
29 May 2019