External Project Access Scanner

With the release of the external project access scanner, data exfiltration can be mitigated by identifying users who have access to projects outside of your organization or folder. In GCP, the best practice is to use service accounts to perform actions where a GCP user isn’t directly involved. The challenge here is that a service account only has permissions in the organization where Forseti is deployed. In other words, if Forseti is deployed in Organization A, it can’t see what projects a user has access to in Organization B.

This is where the concept of “delegated credentials” becomes incredibly useful. Delegated credentials allow a service account to temporarily act as a user. After compiling a list of users in the organization, the service account impersonates each user with these delegated credentials. The scanner then obtains the list of projects to which each user has access, regardless of the organization node.

Read more about External Project Access Scanner and how the rules are configured on the Google Cloud security blog post.

Written By
Rehana Devani
Published On
06 June 2019