Terraform - Official Installation Path of Forseti Security

Forseti Community,

We’ve heard feedback from many of our users around the current Forseti installation and upgrade paths, and we are focusing on delivering a faster, simpler, and more consistent experience with Terraform.

Starting with Forseti Security v2.22.0 on October 3, 2019, Forseti will support Terraform as the official installation path. The Python-based Deployment Manager installer will be deprecated and will no longer be available as an installation option for future releases.

We have created a migration script and documentation to help you seamlessly migrate from Deployment Manager to Terraform:

  • For v2.18.0+ users, refer to the instructions to migrate here.

  • For versions earlier than v2.18.0, please upgrade incrementally to v2.18.0 through Deployment Manager following the steps here first before migrating.

You can learn more about the Forseti Terraform module source code here.

Please reach out to us on Slack or discuss@forsetisecurity.org with any questions.

Written By
Hannah Shin
Published On
17 September 2019