This quickstart describes how to get started with Forseti Scanner. Forseti Scanner uses a JSON or YAML rules definition file to audit your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) resources, such as organizations or projects. After running the audit, Forseti Scanner outputs rule violations to Cloud SQL and optionally writes it to Cloud Storage bucket.

Configuring Scanner

Forseti Scanner runs in batch mode, executing each scanner serially for each run. To modify the scanner settings:

  1. View the list of inputs here to see all of the available options and default values.
  2. Set the input variable for the scanner whose settings you want to modify to true or false in your, where true enables the scanner, and false disables the scanner. For example, setting config_validator_enabled to true enables Config Validator Scanner.

When you’re finished making changes:

  • Run command terraform plan to see the infrastructure plan.
  • Run command terraform apply to apply the infrastructure build.

You can learn how to run the Forseti Scanner.

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