21 February 2019

Forseti Community Day 2019 - San Francisco

We’re excited to announce the second annual Forseti Community Day in San Francisco!


18 February 2019

Forseti 1.0 Deprecation Announcement

We previously announced the End-of-Life for Forseti 1.0 in October 2018. We have extended that timeline, and this is the last notice that Forseti 1.0 will be removed from availability on March 15, 2019.


06 December 2018

ClearDATA Running Forseti Security the Serverless Way

As part of their mission to keep their enterprise secure, ClearDATA took a liking to Forseti. They were less charmed by the traditional VM-based approach, as they are a deeply serverless outfit. As such they have taken on the spirit of Open Source Contributions and adapted Forseti to interoperate with both containers and Cloud Pub/Sub. Take a look at the Google Cloud blog post to learn more! to find out more!


27 November 2018

Visualize your GCP Architecture using Forseti

Visualizing dynamic cloud application architecture can be a challenge, make it easy with Forseti.

08 October 2018

Forseti Community Day 2018 - London

We’re pleased to invite you to Google’s Forseti Community Day on Friday, October 12th (Right after Next London 2018 , Next Ticket NOT required). Join us for a fun, interactive, and hands-on day shaping the next generation of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) security tools. Registration is now closed for this event.


08 October 2018

Asset Inventory

With the release of asset inventory, Google Cloud Platform now provides a simplified API interface for pulling a snapshot of resources across your organization. Forseti v2.5.0 now integrates the Cloud Asset API into the existing inventory crawler for all supported cloud resources and policies. This integration reduces the time to complete each inventory snapshot and reduces API usage, allowing you to more frequently scan your organization resources for potential violations.


11 June 2018

Forseti 2.0 Launch

Forseti 1.0 was first launched at Google Cloud Next ‘17 about a year ago. Since then, over 100 businesses and organizations have adopted Forseti, helping to secure Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environments large and small.


24 May 2018

Forseti Hack Day

Google is hosting the first Forseti Security Hack Day on July 23rd. Thank you to all who registered! We have had a very positive international response from participants representing leading organizations.


29 March 2018

GCP Security Best Practices

Forseti Security provides security assurance for your GCP environment. To learn more about best practices for securing GCP environments, check out the Forseti team’s best-practices guide.


28 March 2018

Google Cloud Platform Podcast

Andrew Hoying, Senior Security Engineer - Google, and Nenand Stojanovski, Staff Security Engineer - Spotify, join Mark Mandel & Melanie Warrick on the weekly Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Podcast to talk Forseti, GCP Security, and everything in between. Tune in to Podcast #120!