Config Validator

This page lists the steps to set up Config Validator Scanner.

Setting up Config Validator Scanner

In your file, set the config_validator_enabled variable in the Forseti Terraform module to "true":

module "forseti" {
  source                   = "terraform-google-modules/forseti/google"
  project_id               = "PROJECT_ID"
  org_id                   = "ORG_ID"
  domain                   = "DOMAIN"
  config_validator_enabled   = "true"
  config_validator_image     = "CONFIG_VALIDATOR_IMAGE"
  config_validator_image_tag = "CONFIG_VALIDATOR_IMAGE_TAG"


  • You will be notified when Config Validator violations are found as config_validator_violations_should_notify is set to "true" by default.
  • config_validator_image and config_validator_image_tag should be set only when you want to use a specific Config Validator image or tag. Default values can be found here. Please reach out to the Forseti Security Team to see if the specific Config Validator image/tag that you want to you use is supported.

Apply the Terraform module.

terraform apply

At this point, you are ready to add your own constraints in your policy-library and start scanning your infrastructure for violations based on them. The Forseti project offers a great list of sample constraints you can use freely to get started.

You can provide policies to the Forseti Server in two ways:

  • Sync policies from GCS to the Forseti Server (default behavior)
  • Enable the git sync feature to allow Forseti to automatically sync policy updates to your Forseti Server to be used by future scans.


  • You can find out what errors have happened by viewing any logs related to this process from Operations Logging by searching for config-validator.
  • Operations Logging displays All Logs from the Forseti Server VM by default. Change the log filter by selecting forseti from the drop-down menu to view Forseti logs. Similarly, select gcplogs-docker-driver to view the docker logs for config-validator and git-sync services.
  • You can also check that the config-validator service is running and healthy by running the following command in the Forseti server VM:
  sudo systemctl status config-validator

What’s next

  • Learn about syncing policies from GCS to the Forseti Server here.
  • Learn about enabling the git sync feature to provide policies to the Forseti Server here.