Policy Library Sync from Git Repository

This page describes how to sync policies from Git repository.

Policy Library Sync from Git Repository

As part of the Terraform configuration, you will need to include a few additional variables to enable the git-sync feature.

Before configuring the config file, we recommend you to set up the Policy Library repository by following the steps listed here .

In your main.tf file, set the policy_library_sync_enabled variable in the Forseti Terraform module to "true" to enable git-sync, and set the policy_library_repository_url to the URL for your Policy Library repository; git protocol is recommended.

You can set the policy_library_repository_branch to the specific git branch containing the policies. By default, policies from the master branch are synced.

module "forseti" {
  source                   = "terraform-google-modules/forseti/google"
  project_id               = "PROJECT_ID"
  org_id                   = "ORG_ID"
  domain                   = "DOMAIN"
  config_validator_enabled          = "true"
  policy_library_sync_enabled       = "true"
  policy_library_repository_url     = "git@github.com:forseti-security/policy-library"

(OPTIONAL) policy_library_sync_ssh_known_hosts: Provide the known host keys for the git repository. This can be obtained by running ssh-keyscan ${YOUR_GIT_HOST}.

You should also setup an outputs.tf configuration file for Terraform to obtain the auto-generated public SSH key.

output "forseti-server-git-public-key-openssh" {
  description = "The public OpenSSH key generated to allow the Forseti Server to clone the policy library repository."
  value       = module.forseti.forseti-server-git-public-key-openssh

IMPORTANT: After applying the Terraform configuration, you will need to add the generated SSH key to the git user account. The SSH key will be provided as an output from Terraform. If the Policy Library repository is hosted on GitHub, you can follow these steps to add the SSH key to your account.

To obtain the generated SSH key from Terraform run this command:

terraform output forseti-server-git-public-key-openssh

You can view any logs related to this process from Stackdriver Logging by searching for git-sync.


  • The Config Validator service need to be restarted after policies are synced over. This is done automatically by the cron job that runs every 2 hours by default. However, if you are running ad-hoc scans, you can restart the Config Validator service to pick up the latest policies by running sudo systemctl restart config-validator. You can check the status of the service by running sudo systemctl status config-validator.

What’s next

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